Dr. Klas Lilja

Klas has over 15 years experience in semiconductor device and circuit modeling and design, including positions as Head of TCAD at Avant! Corporation and Technology Modeling Associates, and CEO and VP Engineering at Integrated Systems Engineering (now part of Synopsys).




Prof. Robert Dutton

The simulation tools and software pioneered by Prof. Dutton's group at Stanford University has been universally adopted by industry and used prolifically in support of technology development for more that a half-dozen generations of scaling -- devices ranging from 2um down to below 0.18 um critical dimensions. Prof Dutton has served on the board of Varian Semiconductor and founded and was a director of Technology Modeling Associates. He has received numerous awards including IEEE Fellow, the J.J. Ebers and Jack A. Morton Awards (in IEEE), member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), the Computers and Communications (C&C) Prize.