AccuroTM from Robust Chip Inc. is a complete simulation engine from Si to circuit. It uses a unique fast technique to accurately address critical issues for reliability (SER, ESD, and latch-up) and for DFM.

rExploreTM is a powerful simulation management GUI, with automated handling of soft error simulation, cross-section, and error-rate prediction. Roview is a versatile scientific visualization tool.

RoplaceTM is a layout optimization tool automating the implementation of the LEAP methodology.

LEAP is a unique layout methodology with can dramatically (orders of magnitude) reduce single event generated soft error rates, with negligable performance and area penalties. LEAP, originally called designR, has been developed with support from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). Please check our APPLICATION page for latests details LEAP cell IP and LEAP-based design and soft-error simulation support. The LEAP method is patent protected (patent pending).


RCI Tool Suite

RCI Single Event Analysis

RCI LEAP Layout Methodology and IP

RCI LEAP Flip-Flop cross-section comparison